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The New Environmental Footprint (EF) Database: Unprecedented Collaboration Advances EF-compliant Data for Chemicals, Plastics and Bio-Based Materials

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Take bold steps towards net zero chemical value chains, wherever you’re starting from. Our best-in-class data gives confident results in your own calculations, our consulting services and our training.

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The Carbon Minds Difference

Pursue an evidence-based net-zero transition with the world’s most comprehensive product carbon footprint and life cycle assessment database for chemicals and plastics.

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Our cm.chemicals database contains product carbon footprint and life cycle assessment (LCA) data for 1300+ chemical products. Modeling for additional products is available upon request.

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Map out product value chains and uncover emissions hotspots with dedicated guidance and training from our expert team of data scientists, chemical industry researchers, and sustainability experts.

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With third-party certification to multiple standards, our database helps you streamline regulatory compliance and ensure the reliability and credibility of your environmental impact assessments.

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