The transition to sustainability has begun.

Let data be your guide.

Good decisions
come from good data.

We built the world’s largest life cycle database for the chemical industry. Our data is your guide to reducing your environmental impact.
Use our data to perform your own analyses. Or let us perform a unique analysis for you, tailored to your individual needs.

We help to position you at the forefront of the transition towards environmental sustainability.



Solid data for sound decisions. Get consistent, highly regionalized data from the largest chemical life cycle database to date. Learn more.


A cost-efficient transition to sustainability requires clarity and perspective. Get evidence-based guidance for your environmental decision making. Learn more.


Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) are essential for understanding and reducing your environmental impact. Build your in-house capacity to implement and interpret LCAs within and beyond the chemical industry. Learn more.

We offer data and guidance for evidence-based decision making to improve your environmental performance.

Our data

As chemical engineers, we have dedicated our time to building the largest, most regionalized life cycle database for the chemical industry.
As sustainability experts, we help you interpret our data to gain evidence and insight for an efficient transition to a sustainable and prosperous future.


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