Reveal the environmental impact of chemicals and plastics

What is Carbon Minds?

We are a data and services provider. We help your organization assess, monitor and reduce the environmental impacts of chemicals and plastics.

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Data and Services

LCA practitioners and corporate sustainability departments use our products to understand and manage the environmental impacts of chemicals and plastics.

Supplier-specific carbon Footprint

Identify emissions hotspots in your supply chain. With this data, you can engage your existing suppliers, find more sustainable alternatives and decide on the most cost-efficient way to meet climate targets.   

LCA database for chemicals and plastics

Get highly regionalized, ISO-ready LCI datasets for 1000+ chemicals, all from a consistent methodology and direct in major software.


Drive evidence-based decision making with insights from our LCA consulting team, and develop in-house capacity with our training.  

The methodology behind our data is third-party certified for ISO 14040/140440 compliance.

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