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LCA Database for Chemicals and Plastics

Meet cm.chemicals, the chemical industry’s most comprehensive product carbon footprint (PCF) and life cycle assessment (LCA) database.

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TÜV-certified compliance with the following standards and guidelines:



Get consistent and high-quality PCF and LCA data on 1,300+ chemicals and plastics with the chemical industry’s largest ISO- and TfS-compliant database.

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Gain actionable insights into specific production technologies, local markets, and raw materials with cm.chemicals, incorporating the latest scientific findings, industry developments, and methodological advances.

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Achieve more representative environmental impact assessments with exceptional geographic granularity, covering more than 200 regions.

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Our Clients Use our LCA and PCF data to

Provide results for internal and external reporting

Fulfil customer requests for PCFs/LCAs and implement EPDs

Understand and reduce sources of environmental impacts

Align with industry standards

Establish and monitor decarbonization strategies

Benchmark and engage suppliers

Validate supplier information / other LCAs

Credibility, actionability and ease-of-use

At the core of our database is a third-party certified methodology that creates trust, enables emissions reductions and makes our data easy-to-use.

Report with confidence

Third-party certification of our methodology and compliance with industry standards lends your results credibility when communicating internally or externally, and streamlines your own certification.

Get actionable results to reduce emissions

The regional and technological granularity of our data allows for a highly representative deep-dive on emission sources and reduction options, enabling our users to take action and make progress on their climate targets.

Simplify implementation of LCA and PCF studies

The combination of wide-ranging data availability and a consistent methodology makes it easier to source and use data  or your studies.

Licensing Options

Get pre-packaged data for common chemicals or specific industries.

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Pick your own datasets and get bulk-purchase discounts.

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Access the full database.

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