PCF & LCA Studies

Carbon Minds can conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) or product carbon footprint (PCF) study for single or multiple products – whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth.

Aerial view of a chemical industry

A collaborative approach

Get support from industry experts

Our team of LCA professionals has a wealth of experience in conducting ISO-compliant PCF and LCA studies for chemical products. They will help you define the goal and scope of your study to ensure it meets all your requirements.

Streamlined data sourcing

Our holistic approach to data handling allows us to combine your primary data, where available, with our third-party-certified, ISO-compliant database of over 1,300 plastics and chemicals.

Animation showing streamlined data sourcing

ISO-compliant LCA and PCF studies

The methodologies of all our LCA and PCF studies are fully ISO-compliant. This makes it much easier to have the results certified by a third party, such as our partners at TÜV Rheinland.

Animation showing process for ISO compliant PCF study

PCFs and LCAs on demand

With the world’s largest secondary database on the environmental impacts of chemicals and plastics – cm.chemicals – and extensive chemical industry expertise, Carbon Minds makes it easy to conduct LCA and PCF studies that meet all your stakeholders’ requirements.

Access comprehensive data

The cm.chemicals database contains data on over 1,300 chemicals and plastics, giving us direct access to the data we need to complete your PCF and LCA studies.

Meet stakeholder expectations

All our studies are conducted in accordance with ISO standards, using ISO-compliant data from the cm.chemicals database. This makes it easier to obtain third-party certification, providing results that internal and external stakeholders can trust.

Get the full picture

Our clear and comprehensive methodology documentation makes it easy to interpret your PCF or LCA study, so you can communicate results effectively.