Inhouse Training

Trainers from Carbon Minds come to your place and teach your team the theory and practice of product carbon footprints and life cycle assessment, to enable you to do your PCFs and LCAs, in-person.

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Over three days, you will learn the basics of Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The program includes expert lectures to help you understand how to apply simple PCF and LCA studies and how to evaluate analysis results and identify improvements. Alongside these lectures, you will also get a chance to carry out industry-related PCF and LCA studies, applying what you've learned in a practical setting.

Essential Information

What you learn

Learn to


Interpret and critically evaluate both your own studies and those of your competitors and suppliers.


Grasp the fundamentals of PCF and LCA theory to develop confidence in how you communicate internally and externally.

Strengthen trust

Understand the different standards, ensure trust by complying with the common industry standards in your future work and communicate business value.

Course content & schedule

Looking to develop a certified, compliant methodolgy? Combine training with methodology development.

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Support Development

Your training course will promote growth in your team's capacities through a combination of clarity, customization, and upskilling.


Experienced trainers will make theory, practice, and standards clear for you, ensuring an interactive learning environment.


We will adapt the course to your company’s industry and sector, and your team’s experience level.


You will leave the course with practical skills that you can apply in your company.

How graduates apply their learning

Supplier Engagement

Internal Communications and Advocacy

Do and interpret LCA / PCF studies

Develop impact reduction pathways

Establish and monitor decarbonization strategies

and more…

Discover who our course is perfect for

This course is designed for anyone interested in engaging with the topic of Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Our suggestion: We recommend the participation of employees from various specialized departments. This includes  IT, Marketing, Sales, Production, Sustainability Management, Management, and Research & Development.

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Discuss your requirements.