Methodology Development and Certification

Develop third-party-certified assessment procedures for authoritative and evidence-based environmental impact calculations. Or update and certify an existing methodology document.

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Comprehensive PCF calculation methodology

Develop a third-party-certified PCF calculation methodology that meets your needs, complies with globally recognized standards, and addresses all relevant procedural considerations.

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A certified methodology

Our partnership with global certification body TÜV Rheinland means that your life cycle assessment (LCA) and product carbon footprint (PCF) calculations will benefit from trusted third-party accreditation – helping to build trust among internal and externa stakeholders.

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Ready to implement

The Carbon Minds team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the PCF calculation methodology meets your exact needs. This means you can start implementing the methodology in your calculations and start your calculation of PCF and LCA results.

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Combining deep chemical industry knowledge, methodological expertise, and trusted third-party certification, our unique offering enables you to produce highly granular and representative environmental impact assessments.

Experts at your service

Your assessment procedure will be written by a team of highly experienced LCA practitioners, all specialists in the chemical industry.

Stress-free certification

Our established working relationship with TÜV Rheinland puts you in the best position to benefit from a streamlined certification process.

An end-to-end solution

Whatever your requirements, Carbon Minds
provides the holistic support you need to
make your assessment process a success –
so you can focus on making a positive impact
in your industry.

Want to develop or certify an assessment procedure?