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Carbon Minds will teach you the fundamentals of LCA, and how to apply the OpenLCA software, at RWTH Aachen University.

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Over five days of in-person sessions on the RWTH Aachen University campus, you will learn through expert lectures and by independently conducting an LCA study how to evaluate analysis results and assess improvement potentials. Your newfound knowledge will be complemented with an introduction to the OpenLCA software, including a practical exercise. On the final day of the course, you will complete an examination in the form of a group LCA project, followed by a presentation of your findings.

Essential Information

What you learn

Learn to


Interpret and critically evaluate both your own studies and those of your competitors and suppliers.


Grasp the fundamentals of LCA theory to develop confidence in how you communicate internally and externally.

Strengthen trust

Understand the different standards, ensure trust by complying with the common industry standards in your future work and communicate business value.

Course content & schedule

Discover who our course is perfect for

This course is designed for anyone interested in engaging with the topic of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Our Suggestion: We recommend the participation of employees from various specialized departments. This includes  IT, Marketing, Sales, Production, Sustainability Management, Management, and Research & Development.

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About the institute

The Chair of Technical Thermodynamics (LTT) at RWTH Aachen University, headed by Professor Niklas von der Aßen, focuses on the development of system-analytical methods and technical components for energy systems as well as theoretical and experimental research into fluid material systems. The work is divided into various project groups.

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