Modeling On Demand

Customized modeling of LCA and carbon footprint data.

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How modeling on demand works

Define your data needs

Discuss and define your specific data needs together with our experts.

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Custom Modeling of
Compliant Data

Carbon Minds will model data on your exact chemicals in compliance with multiple standards, including ISO 14040/14044/14067, the Together for Sustainability Product Carbon Footprint guidelines and the UEIL/ATIEL methodology for PCF calculations for lubricants and other specialities.

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Compatible Data for Your Tools

We deliver your data in CSV, ILCD, and Excel formats to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of tools.

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More Ways Modeling on Demand Helps our Clients

Address data gaps

Verify supplier data

Consolidate data sources

Extend existing LCA calculations

Increase data quality compared to proxy data

Reduce reliance on proxy data

Rapidly Develop Comprehensive, Consistent and Trustworthy Data

Carbon Minds modeled thousands of chemical processes to develop our cm.chemicals database. We can leverage the same expertise and technology to custom model your data quickly and in compliance with major standards.

Meet Short Timelines

The modeling approach we developed for
our database, cm.chemicals, allows us to
integrate new chemical products and
provide custom modeled data very quickly.

Get Trustworthy Results

Compliance with multiple standards makes it easier for you to certify your own studies, as well as creating trust when you communicate your results internally and externally.

Consistency at Scale

Our methodology means we can maintain consistency in our data, even at scale and with niche chemicals.

Discuss your project.