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New trends are reshaping how companies use carbon footprints and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data in the chemicals value chain. This whitepaper explores these trends and shows how the cm.chemicals database equips companies to unlock value for their business.

Embracing New Trends with Enhanced Data

Carbon footprints are increasingly becoming a business imperative. At the same time, new research and methodological advances enable higher LCA data quality and deeper strategic insights for the sustainability transition. Find out how your business can unlock new value by embracing these trends with enhanced data.

Our mission is to provide you with the in-depth insights you need to develop the most effective impact-reduction strategies.

Arne Kätelhön & Raoul Meys

Managing Directors  and Co-Founders of Carbon Minds

Get exclusive insights from Carbon Minds experts on…

The trends driving change in the way chemical companies use product carbon footprints and LCA data

How the oil and gas in your supply chain provides a critical lever for reducing carbon footprints

Collaborating with Together for Sustainability for greater transparency in the chemicals value chain

Download our whitepaper to find out why better data leads to more impactful decisions.

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