July 3rd, 2024 – Data

cm.chemicals database now available for Makersite’s software users

We’re excited to partner with Makersite, the AI-enabled product lifecycle intelligence software. This collaboration will integrate our cm.chemicals database into Makersite’s data foundation for improved design, sourcing, and reporting.

What is the impact of our partnership for Makersite users?

Access to extensive data

Makersite now enables all users to access our cm.chemicals database. cm.chemicals is packed with over 100,000 datasets on 1,300 chemicals from more than 200 regions empowering informed decision-making.

Reliable data

Rest assured, the data from our database is certified by TÜV Rheinland for compliance with ISO 14040/14044/14067, as well as the TfS Product Carbon Footprint guidelines and the UEIL/ATIEL PCF guidelines for lubricants and other specialties, guaranteeing its reliability and credibility.

Improved decision-making

Makersite users now have more extensive coverage of their entire value chain and access to granular data, enabling faster and more informed product design and sourcing decisions.

By partnering with Carbon Minds, we’re providing our customers with even more extensive coverage of their full chemical value chain. Spanning from resource extraction to the finished chemical and plastic products, Makersite customers will have access to even more granular data to make faster product design and sourcing decisions.

Neil D’Souza
CEO and Founder, Makersite

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