Vision and values



We have done years of research to produce sustainability data. What got us into the office was a love of screens full of numbers. What keeps us there is seeing our evidence used to lower environmental impacts.


Science gives us perspective; decisions make a difference. We work to bridge the gap between the most precise data science and the decisions that will transition the chemical industry into a sustainable future.


Ultimately, our vision is for evidence-based decisions that actually lower environmental impacts and increase sustainability in the chemical industry. This is the transition that we are working to bring about.



We are scientists. We are curious to know what is really happening, as accurately as possible. We believe that with solid data comes clearer understanding and more confident steps forward.


We are driven. We have envisioned the sustainable and prosperous world we want our lives to play out in. And we are conscious of the time we have to make that world a reality.


We are hopeful. We acknowledge that the natural world is strained. Protecting it is a challenge we accept, along with our responsibility to help others do the same.

Ask us anything

Please feel free to ask any questions about our research or work in industry.

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