product carbon footprints

Reduce your supply chain carbon footprint

Supply chains are a major source of any company’s overall carbon footprint.

Learn how supplier-specific data can reduce your carbon footprint.

3 ways supplier-specific data supports sustainability

Data quality

Improve on data averages with data that more accurately represents your suppliers

Emissions reductions

Identify sustainable suppliers and switch to those with lower emissions


If you are producing chemicals, distinguish yourself as a low emissions supplier

Case Study

Polypropylene Suppliers
and Climate Impact Reduction

Polypropylene suppliers have vastly different climate impacts – even within the same country. This case study analyses polypropylene as an example of the climate impact reduction potential in supply chains. 

Sample report

A supplier-specific carbon footprint report contains…

Get a full overview of the carbon footprints for the chemical(s) of your choice. One report contains the carbon footprint of the chemical, broken down by: 

All underlying data is also provided in Excel for your own use.   

Ask any questions

The best way to find out how supplier-specific data can help you is to get in touch. 

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