Assess the environmental impacts and carbon footprint of every individual product in your portfolio.

Assessing the lifecycle environmental impacts of every product in your portfolio is now more practical than ever. We can match the chemical raw materials of your production processes with our cm.chemicals life cycle database, so you get full chemical life-cycle data  for the assessment of every single one of your products.

This works for companies with…

Large product portfolios

Numerous inputs and raw material supplies

An existing LCA software license

What we provide…


Annual, company-wide license for the full cm.chemicals database (including all data-on-demand processes)

Data integration service

We match our datasets with your chemicals based on CAS-numbers, EC-numbers or other information.

Filling gaps from missing data

We approximate missing data based on chemicals with similar impacts or (optionally) perform custom modeling

3 reasons our data makes full portfolio assessments easier…


We provide a complete data set for all your chemical raw materials. Our data covers 1200+ chemicals and plastics in up to 200 countries. Custom modeling and smart proxy data cover any niche chemicals you use.


By default, our data represents country-level geographical regions and specified production technologies. Optionally, we can integrate our supplier-specific data for the most highly representative LCA results.

Quality Assured

TÜV Rheinland provides an annually updated, third-party certification of the methodology behind our data. 

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