LCA & PCF Foundations Course

Learn the theory and practical skills of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) in our beginner-friendly training course.

In this three-day course, you'll learn the fundamentals of LCA and PCFs, according to ISO standards 14040/14044 and 14067. We will also cover essentials of the Together for Sustainability Guideline for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations.

By teaching the business values behind LCA and PCF, highlighting how transparency and consistency with relevant standards will catalyze your business, and combining theory with real-world examples, you’ll understand the essential, “why”, “how” and “what” behind environmental assessments.

Based on the essential knowledge, we will enable you to start environmental impact assessment efforts and communicate results effectively, empowering you to assess and reduce environmental impacts.

Essential Information

Building skills

Learn to


Grasp the basic concept of life cycle thinking, its relevance, and its use in different contexts, while gaining awareness of standardized methodologies.


Learn about the LCA methodology and the essentials of LCA studies. Understand the what, why and how of LCA.


Master the design and partial execution of a comprehensive LCA study, including the analysis and assessment of the validity of specific steps, as well as the quality and reliability.

Course content & schedule

Looking to develop a certified, compliant methodolgy?
Combine training with methodology development.

elevate your knowledge

Your training course will promote learning through a combination of clarity, customization, and upskilling.


Experienced trainers will clarify theory, practice, and standards, fostering an interactive learning environment for you.


The course is tailored to the chemicals and plastics industry, and specifically designed for beginners to ensure a highly relevant learning experience.


You will leave with a better understanding of life cycle thinking, LCA methodology and the ability to conduct partial LCA studies that are directly applicable to your organisation.

Discover who our course is perfect for

With our tailored courses and trainings, we support:

  • Large companies
  • SMEs
  • Universities

Employees from a variety of departments :

  • Sustainability professionals
  • Management
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Marketing
  • IT 
  • Beginners with little or no prior knowledge of LCA and PCFs.
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