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Carbon Minds Partners with BASF to Provide Consistent Chemical Carbon Footprint Data in Alignment with BASF Standard Methodology

Carbon Minds, the provider of the largest and most regionalized LCA database for chemicals and plastics, has partnered with BASF to provide comprehensive and consistent product  carbon footprint (PCF) data for chemicals and plastics in alignment with the BASF PCF methodology.

Carbon Minds and ICIS are partnering for the next big step in data availability

Identify emission hotspots and find opportunities for reduction.
Our new partnership with ICIS means wider availability of supplier-specific GHG emissions data for chemicals, giving you the ability to measure Scope 3 chemical carbon footprints and make ever more granular comparisons of suppliers.

Learn more to ensure your targets are being met and adjustments are being made based on trusted, reliable data.

5 Steps to Automated Environmental Assessments

Adding transparency to your value chain is crucial – especially for environmental impacts. In this short piece with MHP we explain the top-level steps to producing environmental assessments for every product in your company’s portfolio:  

The software and data solution we outline in the article is automated for time and resource efficiency.  

Originally conceptualized for the automotive industry, this top-level explainer equally applies to companies in other sectors.   

We’d like to extend our thanks to Michael Wiegand and the team at MHP for giving our co-founder Arne Kätelhön the opportunity to co-author this blog post.  

Webinar | LCA for Chemcials Introducing the new Carbon Minds Database

In the hour-long webinar, you can find out about: 

  • what the Carbon Minds LCA database covers 
    • all about thesupplier-specific methodology behind the database  
    • how our data can improve the insights gained from LCA studies in various use cases  
    • how to get the database in different software  

We also field a range of questions from the LCA community about how exactly the database works, the data behind our data and other issues related to data quality.

New LCA Data Drives Transparency on Chemicals’ Impacts

CHEmanger’s latest paper edition (in German) lifts the lid on how Carbon Minds’ new LCA data is making environmental impacts in the chemical industry more transparent.  

 The new issue of the chemical industry’s leading trade and business newspaper contains an in-depth article including an interview with founders Raoul Meys and Arne Kätelhön 

 The article covers the big picture of Carbon Minds new LCA data for chemicals and plastics and more. It also delves into the details on how clients in the chemical industry (and beyond) are already using the data for their sustainability transition.   

cm.chemicals Now Officially Certified by TÜV Rheinland

Our new LCA database for chemicals and plastics is now officially third-party certified. 
TÜV Rheinland Group has put the methodology behind our database through their rigorous quality controls. They have found that our methodology produces data that is suitable for ISO 14040/14044 LCA studies. 
We’re proud to carry the TÜV certificate on the cm.chemicals database.

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