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We are engineers and sustainability experts. We do life-cycle data for evidence-based decision making in the chemical industry.



Arne Kätelhön

Co-Founder & CEO

M. Sc.

Raoul Meys

Co-Founder & CTO

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

André Bardow

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Prof. Dr.

Sangwon Suh

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

M. Sc.

Aline Kalousdian

Process Engineer for Life Cycle Assessment

B. Sc.

Bartolomeus Löwgren

Process System Engineer

B. Sc.

Philipp Hartmann

Chemical and Plastic Process Design

M. Sc.

Laura Stellner

Modeling and Database Design

B. Sc.

Mara Boitz

Marketing and Communication

M. Sc.

Maxim Papusha

Chemical Synthesis – Data Analyst

B. Sc.

Nergiz Tigu

Graphic and Corporate Design

M. Sc.

Oskar Vögler

Project Manager

M. Sc.

Ronja Hermanns

Process Engineer for Sustainable Chemical Life Cycles

B. Sc.

Valentin Dinges

Working Student for Sustainable Chemical Life Cycles

B. A.

Sam Nattress

Marketing Lead and Product Development

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