Life cycle data


Solid data for sound decisions

Reducing your environmental impact requires evidence-based decision making. We know that the data you need for good decisions can be time-consuming to find. And data with a consistent methodology behind it is even harder to come by.

With our cm.chemicals database, you won’t need to cobble together data from different sources. It’s all here for you, in one place, under one license.

Our database


Our database not only gives you the largest chemical life cycle dataset to date. It’s also highly regionalized and based on one consistent methodology. This is the data you need for evidence-based decision making.



Consistent methodology

All the data at your disposal comes from one consistent methodology. When you know your data is consistent, you know you are making fair comparisons between different products and technologies. Ultimately, that means you can make a reliable assessment of what will lower your environmental impact.


Use our data to conduct environmental assessments that are compliant with ISO standards 14040 and 14044 for Life Cycle Assessment. These are the most trusted standards for environmental assessments. When you use our data, you can be sure that the results of your analysis provide a credible foundation for decision making.

Highly regionalized

Different regions use different technology mixes to make the same chemical, and different technologies will have different environmental impacts. By using our region-specific – and even supplier-specific – data, you won’t have to rely on rough averages. You will have the most accurate possible picture of where your emissions are coming from.

All in one place

Simplify your data search to just one place. With a single source for your data, you are not only saving time. You are also increasing data consistency and ultimately getting more credible results from your analysis. For decision makers with ambitious environmental targets, the credibility of results is not just a plus – it’s a crucial requirement.

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