Would you like to work
with Carbon Minds?

Why work with Carbon Minds?

We’re a growth-stage startup driving sustainability forward with major partners in industry.

You’ll develop as a professional, make a difference to sustainability, and enjoy perks. 

Professional Development

Develop your skills by tackling projects with major multinational cooperations, all in a start-up environment.


Make a crucial contribution to sustainability in the chemical industry and beyond.  


Competitive salary, flexible working hours, remote possibilities and potential bonus payments. 

Current Open Positions

We select new team members through a fair and competitive process. If you’re looking to learn and grow with us, we’re currently looking to build long term relationship with you.


Head of Chemical Data Science

Senior Life Cycle Assessment Specialist for Chemical and Plastic Life Cycles

Experienced Chemical Engineer / Computational Engineer / Mechanical Engineer with Python

Software Engineer

Working Student for Chemical/Process Engineering

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